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  • High galvanic Separation
  • Smallest designs thanks to latest materials
  • Very good parallelism (agreement) for two primary windings
  • For all topologies…

3-phase transformer 3-phase transformer

Transformer for battery test systems

Technical Data3x 4KW, 3×85 Ampere
Secondary voltage: 3 x 48Volt
Frequency: 500 kHz

Resonant Transformer Resonant Transformer

Resonant Transformer

Technical dataVin: 20 V – 31 V
Vout: 623 V – 708 V
Imax: 180 A
Pnenn: 3,2 kW
fp: 20 – 70 kHz
Frequency: 50 kHz
DescriptionThe transformer is used in a forced-cooled DC/DC converter full-bridge circuit. Resonant converter 35kHz.
At voltages Vin <24 V, the output power is lowered proportionally to the input voltage.

Resonance Transformer Resonance Transformer

Resonance Transfomer 20KW

Technical dataRated primary inductance: : 300 µH Minimum
transformation ratio of 3,3:1:1
Input voltage: 370 V
Rated input current: 75 A, rms
Output voltage: 110 V
Frequency: 50 kHz

DescriptionThe primary side of the transformer works on a series resonant circuit with a frequency of more than 40 kHz (up to a maximum of approx. 60 kHz). In the operating point, this gives a rectangular bipolar voltage waveform with 500 V peak voltage and an almost sinusoidal current form with 75 A rms on the primary side (secondary side scaled in accordance with the transformation ratio).

The power to be transmitted is 20 kW for a transformation ratio of 3.3:1:1 (370 V primary to 110 V secondary).


EE-power transformer EE-power transformer

Designs according to customer requirements

DescriptionPower transformers in almost all designs.

Ferrite cores: E, EE, ETD, EFD, U, ELP, toroidal core, PM, P, PQ, RM

Arrangement of the power transformers with a wide range of conductors: 0.05 mm to 3 mm as round wire, flat wire, litz wire, triple insulated


  • 100 VA bis 1MVA
  • 400 Hz bis 1 MHz
  • up to 5.000 A


Forward converter Forward converter

converters for solar inverters

Descriptionforward converter

  • with galvanic separartion
  • With special connections for output winding (PCB)





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